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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Racers Islands [Full PC Game For FREE]

Did you ever watch Death Race movie? If yes this game is one belong to that category. Most of action racing games are only for consoles and here is one for computer gamers. Download and install it and then you can choose your favorite character and take control of your vehicle to the track. You can race with your 3 other friends if you need Or you can play alone with computer based players. Game isn't so highly detailed but it got cute cartoon environments.

There is more than 18 awesome tracks and few boring tracks. This game can even play on a brick so don't worry about system requirement at all :)

How fix Connection is Untrusted warning on Kaspersky

If you are using any kaspersky free or paid software on your computer this can happened to you too. I am kind a freak out when i see kaspersky telling me that Google is untrusted. I check address box again as i through i may type it wrong.. Nope its correct address.

So here is what to fix it.. Open Kaspersky and click on settings. Open additional and click on networks. Then go to Advance settings and click on install cetificate.. Click again on show certificate information and click install certificate.. Click Next and again next.. Then click on ok and it will close.. Click next and finish on Kaspersky dialog box. Now you will see that warning is gone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How Disable Opera Auto Update Service

Many of us using opera browser those days to get better protection. Its better until they make a new update. Ones they did opera asking for install update every time we start browser. Its so annoying and here is the way to disable it.

Open opera and click no to update dialog box. Then click on Opera menu - Settings - Preference Or you can press Ctrl & F12 Same time to go Preference directly.

Then click on Advance tab - Security

Bottom of the box you can see Auto update menu, click on it and chose Do not check for updates And then click Ok. Work done and opera will never show that update dialog box.